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Structural design and analysis for wind and offshore renewables devices

From design and analysis to support, we help you ensure your wind or offshore renewables energy devices meet all requirements, and are delivered on time.

Wind, wave and tidal energy device designers are facing ever increasing pressure to reduce the cost of energy, in order to compete with conventional power sources. The current drive towards bigger devices poses a major challenge for wind, wave and tidal energy projects, as device loading often increases with the size of the device. These challenges can be addressed with the right expertise and resources.

That’s where we can help. Our engineers have years of experience in the design and analyses of structural components, from small to large renewable devices. During our structural design approach, we consider the complete system in which the component will function and the impact of the component on the overall cost of energy. This results in a truly integrated design approach.

We work in close cooperation with you and your supply chain in order to deliver a successful project. We consider the design in terms of manufacturing and ease of maintenance. These are important elements of optimizing a design.

Expert resources at your service
If your challenge is resources or expertise, we can provide you with the additional support you require to ensure your project is completed on schedule. When you want to develop skills in-house, we provide training of your engineers to build your knowledge base.

You can draw on our extensive knowledge of designs and wide portfolio of design services, including controller design and loads calculations. Our structural engineers work closely with mechanical and electrical system engineers, controller, loads and cost modelling engineers. This is essential to ensure a well-integrated and optimized overall solution. 

Our structural analysis utilizes state of the art software and accurately simulates structural behaviour, including non-linear behaviour when considered influential. Examples of this include the non-linear behaviour of rotor bearings and slew bearings. 

Wind, wave or tidal device modelling
We have the expertise to simulate extreme and fatigue loads that components will be subjected to in their lifetime. Our Bladed loads simulation tool is widely used in the wind industry and by our own engineers. Similarly our Tidal Bladed and WaveDyn software are powerful tools for simulating loads for tidal and wave devices respectively.

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