Steel Load Planner

DNV’s Steel Load Planner is a self-service application for the safer, optimized, and more efficient transport of steel coils. A streamlined process enables the creation of tailor-made loading plans, instant confirmation of compliance with the applicable rules, and optimized cargo hold utilization.

When it comes to loading steel coils for transport, assessing whether a vessel will be suitable for a proposed shipment can be challenging, given the various sizes and weights of steel coils. However, load planning software can quickly assess cargo-specific data and offer guidance on how to optimally load steel coils onto a shipping vessel.

To make this process smart and easy, DNV has introduced the Steel Load Planner (SLP), a self-service application that enables optimized cargo intake, compliance with applicable rules, and can help to reduce the risk of accidents and incidents.

The innovative app won the IT Solutions Award at the International Bulk Journal Awards in London in November 2023.

Key features of the Steel Load Planner:

Tailor-made loading plans:

  • With the SLP app you can test, update and confirm various loading plans virtually instantly
  • Flexible and simple input of any steel coil dimensions with a wide range of different loading patterns
  • Vessel inner hull strength capacity can be confirmed according to the applicable rules for any shipment

Maximized utilization of cargo holds:

  • Optimize cargo intake, while maintaining safety
  • Increased hold utilization improves revenue, as well as reducing emissions

Streamlined processes:

  • Simplify processes and save time
  • Enhance communication between stakeholders with real-time access to reliable and accurate data
  • Make well-informed decisions more quickly and with greater confidence, to improve your overall efficiency

A reliable and efficient steel loading solution

The SLP has been designed to be particularly useful for cargo planners, who are responsible for arranging the stowage and loading of steel coils on dry cargo vessels or bulk carriers and are in search of a precise load optimization software solution. SLP provides cargo-type-specific information to help accurately determine load limits and prevent damage to the ship’s structure.

How does the SLP work? 

  • Utilizes the actual dimensions of the steel coils for the shipment.
  • Determines the load-bearing capacity of the structural components at the load points where the steel coils are positioned.
  • Accommodates non-standard tier configurations and mixed-coil stowage by calculating the true weight distribution through the coil stack to the inner hull.

DNV's Steel Load Planner is a game-changing solution to significantly simplify and optimize the complex process of steel coil loading. Purchase the award-winning SLP app today via the Veracity marketplace.