Simulation Trust Center collaboration platform

Simulation of complex, cyber-physical assets, for suppliers, integrators and operators.

For assets that combine components and software from many suppliers, all stakeholders face system integration conflicts as well as challenges assuring optimal system performance and change management.

For the simulation of maritime equipment, systems and entire ships, key players in the maritime industry have established the Open Simulation Platform (OSP) initiative to create an ecosystem where one can reuse simulation models across applications, resulting in reduced costs through more optimal designs and operations.

Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) and co-simulation has been adopted as a standard, and through open-source software and interface standardization, our approach will enable cross-organizational and cross-platform cooperation to solve common challenges associated with system integration.

The DNV Simulation Trust Center implements OSP technology in an easy-to-use and secure collaboration space, where you can upload and share access to component models and configure system models, as well as run high-quality simulations.

The Simulation Trust Center is now available for testing by invited users in “private preview”.

The Simulation Trust Center from DNV offers the following benefits:

  • Model library enabling secure sharing of access to simulation models (instead of sharing a copy)
  • IPR protection by using black box simulation models (binary files compliant with FMI)
  • An easy system configuration using models that you have access to in the library
  • A scalable and secure cloud-based environment for running system simulations
  • Sharing access to simulation results in the cloud.

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