ShipManager QHSE - Mobile Inspection App

ShipManager’s Mobile Inspection App helps you streamline the workflow of your onboard safety inspections, findings and actions.

Smart QHSE reporting for ships

The ShipManager Mobile Inspection App takes QHSE processes to a new level by letting you handle the QHSE reporting process online or offline with your mobile devices, whether on a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

The Mobile Inspection App is fully integrated with the ShipManager QHSE – Safety Management Reporting module.

The Mobile Inspection App lets you prepare inspection reports on mobile devices with iOS and Android and send the reports to ShipManager QHSE the next time the device is online.

With the configuration options in ShipManager’s Safety Management Reporting module, you can easily create your company’s own inspection templates / questionnaires which are made available on mobile devices through the Mobile Inspection App.

How can ShipManager QHSE system and Mobile Inspection App help me?

  • Allows you to easily streamline your workflow for inspections
  • Automatically transfers inspection results from your mobile device to shore for further processing
  • Enables recording of inspection results / findings either offline or online with your company templates, including pictures, and automatically syncs with the ShipManager database when the user is online
  • Gives you a fleet overview of inspections, findings, accidents and near misses
  • Lets you track your safety performance indicators more easily and identify potential improvements when you use the app along with our ShipManager Analyzer BI system, featuring state-of-the-art dashboards
  • Allows you to configure automated reporting to keep your management up-to-date with the latest documentation

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