Ship hydrodynamic performance analysis and advice

Let our tailor-made analyses help you improve ship design and boost confidence in performance throughout the ship’s life.

There are a variety of options for improving the performance of newbuildings and ships in operation, but which ones are relevant for your ship type and operating profile and what are the limitations or design constraints?

We offer ship owners, shipyards and designers many different standard and tailor-made fluid dynamics services and solutions for effective decision-making. We introduce you to the various options and help you to decide which solutions make the most sense for your vessel and its operating conditions.

Hull performance evaluation and benchmarking

We predict, evaluate and verify performance of your newbuilding’s or existing vessel’s hull design and make proposals for changes that could result in considerable savings.

Propeller and PID design and evaluation

A slight change in the propeller design, perhaps in combination with a propulsion improving device (PID), can make a large difference. We assess and verify the current propeller and PID performance and make recommendations for improvements.

Performance in waves

We help you evaluate and optimise your design, considering added resistance and the power required in waves – to reduce real fuel consumption and increase operational efficiency for the intended trade.

Model tests and speed and manoeuvring trials support

We enhance the quality and reliability of model tests and sea trials to increase your confidence that the vessel is able to meet the expectations set by its specification and contract. Our services cover all phases, from planning to execution and onboard attendance to independent analysis of the results.

For any need, DNV has the solution for additional fuel savings:

  • Customised and transparent support in line with your business and shipping needs
  • Experts with extensive relevant hydrodynamics experience, backed by a huge knowledge base, state-of-the-art analysis tools and global support
  • Benefit from improved operation and fuel efficiency with competitive return of investment
  • Improve attractiveness in the charter market and boost the value of your vessel