Shaft whirling, torsional- and axial vibration services

We help to select the right combination of machinery components to prevent operational restrictions due to excessive vibration.

For rotating machinery to operate safely and reliably, you need to control vibration under all operating conditions. The wrong combination of machinery components and/or poor operation may result in damage due to excessive vibration.

DNV experts provide assistance in eliminating the risk of costly bearing failures, shaft fractures, structural damage or malfunctioning resulting from vibrations.

We cover the needs for vibration studies for shipyards and component manufacturers, as well as the owners and operators of ships and offshore rigs. These range from natural frequency and forced vibration analysis of axial vibrations and lateral whirling vibrations, to machinery simulations such as TVC (torsional vibration calculation).

Our calculations are normally conducted for:

  • Verification in line with classification rules or any other standards
  • Component selection for optimized functionality, both for newbuildings and retrofits
  • Damage investigation
  • Feasibility and concept studies of shafting design and propulsion options in an early design phase
  • Performance evaluations identifying possibilities and limitations, such as barred speed ranges

Sometimes in-situ measurements are used in combination with analyses, to identify the root cause of problems, to test solutions, to increase the lifetime of machinery, or to eliminate unexpected repair and maintenance costs. We also perform numerical simulations of steady-state and transient torsional shaft dynamics, including propeller ice loads.

Use DNV to ensure smooth operation by controlling shaft vibrations:

  • Verified, safe and reliable machinery solutions
  • Tailored solutions
  • Correct use of documentation towards stakeholders, backed by experts with a thorough understanding and business insights
  • Independent vibration calculations
  • Necessary confidence between market players, through scientific approach and appropriate corrective actions

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Benefit cases

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