Roadmaps and scenarios

Winning strategies in a changing world

The timing of strategic decision-making is vital. Understanding the relationships between enabling technologies and market trends and drivers is fundamental to success.

Reducing uncertainties and correctly timing technology investments has major benefits. Roadmapping is a powerful process that provides a good understanding of how future developments could impact on your markets, technologies and products. It mobilises internal and external expertise .

DNV has developed a broad range of scenarios and roadmaps in the oil and gas, maritime, energy and sustainability sectors. We develop system, market and technology roadmaps for value chains, industry clusters, single organisations and specific products. Our approach is easy to scale to customer needs.

What we do:

  • Define and manage your roadmap project
  • Design and deliver effective workshops, expert and stakeholder meetings
  • Identify and assess  future societal and market trends trends and build scenarios
  • Analyse critical product and service needs
  • Identify and assess appropriate technology alternatives. This includes the identification and assessment of new innovative and disruptive technologies
  • Deliver SWOT analysis, process reviews, technology assessments and value chain analysis
  • Create attractive roadmap visualisations
  • Create action plans
  • Engage stakeholders in roadmap development and implementation.

Road map focus areas:

  • Circular economy and bio based economy: system RM’s  for regions, market and technology RM’s for sectors  and  circular RM’s for products. 
  • Energy transition for local and national energy systems. 
  • Energy efficiency in industry. Value chain analysis and technology RM for sectors and companies.
  • Smart green cities and regions: opportunities for smart green economic growth,  smart living, people, governance and mobility.
  • Innovation power and competitiveness of companies and sectors.

Other future planning services of our roadmap team include:

  • Scenario development
  • Trend forecasts and technology outlooks
  • Early warning systems for disruptive  market and technology trends
  • Market segmentation and customer profiling for new product development (B2B and B2C).