Knowledge management programmes

People, process and technology

Knowledge is an important and determining asset for all organisations. Effective knowledge management programmes and systems can help you to:

  • Learn systematically from experience and data (successes and failures)
  • Retain and transfer critical knowledge across operations
  • Re-use lessons learned in future and adjacent projects and operations
  • Reduce the 'costs of ignorance'.

Knowledge management reduces the loss or degradation of capabilities, experiences and skills, and creates enablers for the development and maximum use of new and innovative capabilities in operations. Mature knowledge management focuses on people, process and technology and is aligned with business strategy and objectives. 

What we do:

  • Assess, develop and improve knowledge management programmes
  • Perform risk assessments on critical knowledge
  • Develop mitigating strategies and action plans
  • Design and implement infrastructures for sharing, building and capturing critical experiences, knowledge, and practices
  • Design and implement systems for learning from (big) data
  • Integrate knowledge management into existing management systems
  • Build business cases for knowledge management, including performance monitoring.

ISO 9001:2015 7.1.6

White paper

  Do you determine the knowledge necessary for business performance?

Do you determine the knowledge necessary for business performance?

White Paper