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Portals, content management, and data analytics

Creating single access points for validated knowledge and applicable information

In safety critical environments it is important that all relevant data, information and knowledge is available exactly when and where it is needed.

In reality, crucial resources are often scattered, out-of-date, and incomplete. This leads to mistakes, wrong decisions, sub-optimal performance, safety hazards and rework.

Regulations, rules and standards should be available to staff without any friction and fit-for-use in their specific task environment and role. The same applies to training materials and job aids.

Experience and learnings held by individual experts or centre of excellence should be easy to find and made accessible.

Data (including Big Data) should be gathered, analysed and turned into information that can be actioned. Good visualisations (including infographics) should clarify hidden patterns and causality.

DNV has an extensive record in building state-of-the-art platforms, and supports organisations to build effective web-based platforms for stakeholders within single organisations, public private partnerships, supply chains and industry sectors.

These platforms provide a single-point of access to critical content that is integrated, validated, and easy to search, browse, and use. A robust content management and control process ensures the quality, reliability and consistency of stored content.

What we do:

  • Define the scope, purpose and business case
  • Develop information architecture, taxonomies and tagging strategy
  • Data analytics and visualisation (infographics)
  • Design and implement content management processes
  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Support on-line communities
  • Design and implement governance structures
  • Train content managers and editors.

ISO 9001:2015 7.1.6

White paper

  Do you determine the knowledge necessary for business performance?

Do you determine the knowledge necessary for business performance?

White Paper