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James Dobbin

James Dobbin

Senior Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

Model and optimize the levelized cost of energy for wind installations during concept design with our powerful yet flexible software tools.

The cost of energy has become a major focus in strategic decision-making today. With the global trend towards reduced subsidies and tariffs for wind installations, the pressure is on to minimize the levelized cost of energy (LCoE). Manufacturers (OEMs) and wind farm developers, owners, operators and investors are all seeking ways to reduce the costs of wind installations and to be as competitive as possible.

Powerful tools for integrated modelling
Drawing on tools originally designed for our in-house concept design and cost modelling advisory services, DNV has developed a powerful aid for LCoE reduction.

Known as ‘Renewables.Architect’, this flexible software framework was designed specifically for Multi-disciplinary Design, Analysis and Optimization (MDAO).

The modular framework can be adapted to your specific systems and requirements. It allows for models from a variety of sources – including your own, those supplied by DNV, or by other third parties – to be connected and run to deliver an integrated, holistic analysis.

At the heart of the Renewables.Architect framework is Turbine.Architect, a cost of energy modelling and concept design tool, which has been refined over 10 years of in-house and five years of external use. The full Turbine.Architect application features a library of engineering models and numerical algorithms spanning the entire wind energy system – from blade tip to farm operations and maintenance. These models complete various levels of automated component design and, critically, produce component costs from engineering input parameters, including:

  • Wind turbine generator loads
  • Wind turbine generator rotor
  • Wind turbine generator nacelle (direct drive, geared, general)
  • Tower and foundation
  • Offshore foundations and support structures including jackets, monopiles, gravity-base structures
  • Power performance
  • Transportation, installation and operations and maintenance models
  • Balance of plant
  • Financial
  • Probabilistic analysis

The Turbine.Architect application can be expanded and modified, incorporating user defined models, systems level analysis and optimization algorithms and batch setup methodologies.

Renewables.Architect can be supplied with a graphical user interface that allows analyses to be set up and analysed through a web browser, with computational load being handled by a variety of different computation resources. The web based user interface also acts as a hub for exchanging models and documentation within an organization and can be deployed on an internal network, a single desktop PC or on a cloud platform administered by the user organization

We also offer a variety of training courses and tailored approaches to support your specific needs. Whatever the services you require, training on the use, configuration, calculation and data extraction aspects of the framework, tools and models will be supplied.

Experience tailored to your needs
DNV’s Renewables.Architect builds on our deep experience in turbine engineering, concept design and cost modelling. For you, this ensures an independent view of potential LCoE reduction solutions. With our Reneweables.Architect tool and/or advisory service, you gain a complete picture of your wind installation. Most importantly, you see all the options, including those others may not propose due to manufacturing or development preferences.

Contact us:

James Dobbin

James Dobbin

Senior Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

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