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Remote surveys for components and materials

DNV is offering a solution that reduce cost, enhance flexibility, lower the environmental footprint and increase safety. All achieved by utilizing digital technology to perform surveys remotely.

In some cases, it might not be possible to send a surveyor to a manufacturer’s site. Other times, sending a surveyor to the manufacturer’s site might involve costly travel and waiting times.

By eliminating travel time and possibly reducing waiting times, remote surveys can be concluded more flexibly or faster than traditional surveys. The results can be shared in the same manner as for traditional surveys.

Remote surveys from DNV offer greater flexibility to our customers, allowing more flexible planning, possibly reduced travel cost and less waiting time.

Another benefit of this service is the reduced environmental footprint. It is an efficient solution where distances between our customers’ assets and DNV’s global experts might otherwise make on-site attendance cumbersome and costly.

The scope of the certification or verification of product and material survey is always the same, whether a surveyor attends in person on site or completes the survey remotely. Remote surveys for certification or verification of product and material are performed by the regional hubs, as local language and knowledge are key for a successful delivery.

Opt for an efficient remote survey from DNV for your components and material certification

  • Reduced travel costs and waiting time
  • Enhanced planning flexibility
  • Safe and easy-to-use tools
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Global availability of DNV experts
  • Enhanced planning flexibility
  • Direct sharing of results via DNV’s electronic tools
  Remote surveys – save time and reduce costs

Remote surveys – save time and reduce costs

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