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Instant access to technical expertise when travel is not an option

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Koheila Molazemi

Koheila Molazemi

Technology and Innovation Director

International travel restrictions are affecting efforts to keep projects and operations running on schedule across the oil and gas value chain. We are bringing our technical experts closer to our customers quicker by introducing remote survey technologies to many of our services.

A safer and more efficient survey option: remove the risk of delays when travel is not an option 

Instant access to deep technical expertise: Connect the most relevant people for the job, no matter where they are based 

Hundreds of experts at your fingertips: Call on subject-matter expertise from the global network of specialists behind the industry’s leading standards.

Contact us:

Koheila Molazemi

Koheila Molazemi

Technology and Innovation Director

“We saw the opportunity to save up to 35% on inspection costs.”

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We are providing the sector with the assurance it needs to keep projects and operations running safely and on schedule. Over the last three quarters of 2020, DNV GL has conducted more than 4,000 remote surveys for the oil and gas industry around the world.

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Forward-thinking adoption of new technology positions our clients well for the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic

DNV GL and Aker BP successfully perform remote surveys of offshore cranes as demand for distanced inspections accelerates

DNV GL led a pilot project with Aker BP to remotely perform inspections on three of their offshore cranes on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Read more>>

BP, Aker Solutions, Cameron and many others have benefited from DNV GL's remote surveys.

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Answers to three most commonly asked questions about remote survey application.

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Using live feeds from a smart phone or tablet, our customers can gain secure access to DNV GL’s global network of technical assurance experts, while cutting the cost of on-site inspections and surveys by as much as 60%, compared to physical surveys.

Keep on schedule even when travel is restricted 

Remote survey provides flexibility. It is an ideal solution for performing surveys when travel is restricted, or when on-site attendance could be too costly. Watch our webinar and learn how we removed travel-related scheduling delays in projects for our customers.

By reducing the need to travel to site, the risk of delays to survey schedules is also reduced. Instead of booking a survey weeks in advance, remote survey makes it easy to connect quickly with the most relevant DNV GL expert for the job, whether they’re based in Aberdeen or Abu Dhabi.

Hundreds of experts at your fingertips

Remote survey allows us to call on individual subject-matter expertise from the global network of specialists behind the oil and gas industry’s leading standards and best practices to be present for a live survey or provide expert opinion from the data we capture.

Our remote survey solution is governed by DNV GL’s complete risk-based processes and guidance, ensuring the highest levels of safety, integrity and reliability.

Extensive project experience

We have applied remote survey solutions to a wide range of assurance projects on four continents, working in partnership with companies across the supply chain to develop rigorous risk-based processes and guidance so that our customers can trust it to deliver.

Remote survey can be more accurate than the naked eye, capturing and storing video footage. The technology that we use has logged more than a million remote expert minutes and is in use by a broad range of industry players including Shell and Transocean.

How does it work?

Remote survey is based on convenient and low-cost live-feed technology used through smartphones or tablets.
  • Your appointed DNV GL surveyor contacts the on-site customer representative live through the system
  • The DNV GL expert guides on-site personnel through the survey
  • The remote survey technology used by DNV GL captures and streams high-quality audio visuals, even in low-bandwidth areas such as through satellite connection offshore, or in areas with reduced mobile phone coverage using smart phones or cameras
  • The survey footage is stored on secure military-grade servers
  • The report or certification will be issued in the office and sent to our customers electronically.

Remote survey is currently available through the following service areas:

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