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Progressive collapse analysis software for pushover and accidental analysis

Progressive collapse analysis software

Damages caused by explosions, fires, dropped objects, earthquakes and ship impacts can pose a major threat to the safety and operation of offshore structures. From the initial design phase of offshore structures to subsequent modifications and life extension, structural engineers must keep the possibility of accidents in the back of their minds.

When designing new assets, they need to consider accidental scenarios and prove the structural integrity with progressive collapse analysis software. During the operational phase of an asset’s life, it is important to be able to quickly assess the potential structural damage if an accident occurs. In life extension, using pushover analysis software will often be necessary to document residual strength of the structure.

Ship impact analysis

Whether you are working with jacket structures, jack-ups, topsides or floaters, you can rely on Usfos nonlinear FEA software for e.g. ship impact analysis to trace a structure’s collapse and post-collapse behaviour. The program employs efficient solution algorithms. The progressive collapse analysis software performs complete collapse analyses or time-domain dynamic analyses.

GeniE as a pre-process helps users in importing models in different formats (SACS, Staad, Ansys, StruCad, Nastran, etc). Robust incremental/iterative solution procedures are implemented, with automatic step scaling and verification of numerical solution accuracy. Results of a ship impact analysis can also be displayed in Usfos as 3D graphics and image plots.

Typical applications of Usfos software

  • Non-linear analysis on subsea template during installation
  • Wave-in deck analysis on jackets
  • As progressive collapse analysis software on jacket structures with PSI
  • Redundancy analysis of jacket structure
  • Contact analysis
  • Ship impact analysis
  • Blast and fire analysis
  • Time domain earthquake analysis
  • Re-assessment of as-built / mod structural design / re-design

Pushover analysis software: what you get with

  • A design-oriented and easy-to-use pushover analysis software solution for e.g. ship impact analysis
  • Low user threshold: a simple input structure that requires little specialized knowledge on nonlinear finite element analyses
  • Significant cost savings in areas such as inspection planning, lifetime extension, reassessment of ageing structures and fire protection assessment for new designs
  • Time savings in modelling effort in design and documentation projects: FE models created for linear analysis can be used with minimal alterations
  • Pushover analysis software predicts both resistance of structures subjected to accidental loads and the residual strength of damaged structures
  • Plastic limit state design allows taking advantage of reserve capacity in the structure

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