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Procurement support for offshore wind farms

Everything you need for your offshore wind farm project, from identifying technologies and contractors to the final contract.

Developing and implementing offshore wind farm projects involves too many aspects for any one company to deal with alone. Hence project developers need to work with EPC contractors and sub-contractors that they can trust. But finding the right partners and suppliers is equally a huge and complex challenge.

We offer all the professional and independent assistance you need to ensure your procurement process goes smoothly and delivers the best results. Our Procurement support service can help you through the entire process, from identifying the right technologies for your site through to signing the final contract.

End-to-end support
Our extensive range of Procurement support services includes:

  • Technology selection assistance
    • Reviewing existing technical specifications and contractual documents
    • Developing invitation to tender documents
    • Writing employer requirements
    • Performing due diligence reviews
    • Shortlisting suitable technologies
  • Contractor / contracting negotiation
    • Providing technical expertise during initial discussions with contractors
    • Assessing competence of EPC contractors and their sub-contractors
    • Overseeing the contractor process
    • Reviewing final contract before signing

Global engineers and contract specialists
We offer a very holistic approach, and can call on expertise from various engineering disciplines within DNV. Not only do we have the engineering background but we have the specialists to look at technical and contractual aspects where necessary and the overall risk profile. Our IE group has a great reputation in the finance industry, and reviews contracts all over the world every day.

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