Pressure equipment

The European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED CE) assures products intended for use under inner pressure.

PED is the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. Pressure equipment with an operating pressure greater than 0.5 bar falls under the scope of the Directive and therefore CE marking is required by law. This includes equipment such as (steam) boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping, pressure cookers, etc. If the pressure equipment meets the requirements of PED, CE marking may be applied and the equipment may be traded freely across the European market.  DNV operates two Notified Bodies for PED and can assist you in demonstrating conformity with PED and applying the CE mark to your products.


We can offer a range of certification and inspection services:

  • Design assessments (PED modules B / G / H1)
  • Inspections (PED modules A2 / C2 / F / G)
  • Verification of quality systems (PED modules D / D1 / E / E1 / H / H1)
  • Material assessment (Manufacturers Material Certification / Particular Material Appraisals)
  • PED welder qualifications
  • Approval of welding procedures

Equipment Categorization:

The PED divides pressure equipment into different risk categories. The services that we can offer you depend on the risk category of your pressure device. There are different modules (conformity assessment procedures) for demonstrating compliance with the requirements of PED to enable you to apply the CE Mark. In joint consultation, we look at which module is most suitable, taking into account the type of pressure equipment, the production volume and your own quality system. If you have your own quality system, you can, depending on the module, perform certain assessments and inspections within the PED yourself under the supervision of DNV.

We provide a free categorization tool to provide an indication of the expected risk category of your equipment.

*For indicative use only – please speak with one of our specialists for a full assessment.

Contact Notified Body

For any information concerning PED certificates issued by Notified Body 0496 and relevant validity, you can send an E-mail to

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