Power system planning and reliability

Accurate and efficient power system planning studies helping you ensure secure and reliable operation of existing and future grids.

Power grids across the globe are subject to constant change and expansion. Demand and generation capacity is continually growing, and new load and generation technologies are introduced. This represents a major challenge in delivering a secure, reliable electricity supply. System operation must be assured. Power system planning and reliability studies can help you ensure reliable operation of existing and future power grids.

However, these studies require extensive technical skills and resources – something many grid operators can’t afford to maintain in-house. But when there’s a world-renowned partner with proven experience, your worries are over.

Comprehensive service
Through our comprehensive studies, we help you evaluate how various factors impact power system operation. These factors include existing and future generation / load interconnections, transmission facilities, protection schemes and system loads. Steady state, transient dynamic and sub-transient power systems are all covered.

Assessments are made using advanced power system studies including:

  • Steady state analysis
  • Transfer capability analysis
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Transient stability analysis
  • Sub-transient switching studies
  • SSR and SSCI studies
  • …and many more

Our main goal is to assist you in identifying solutions that allow you to reliably operate and plan the grid. From the results of our studies, we propose generation, transmission and protection based solutions to ensure continued reliable operation over short- and long-term timescales.

We can also help you build up your own, in-house expertise through technical workshops and tr ainings that give your personnel the skills they need to carry out future studies themselves.

Global partner for traditional and advanced grids
Our services are offered over various traditional and advanced power grids across the globe. We use an array of in-house and industry-recognised tools, which increases the accuracy and efficiency of the studies. As leading industry experts, our team combines many years of experience that has led to an in-depth understanding of the concepts, practices and requirements associated with power system networks. For a reliable grid, trust a reliable partner.

  Power System Planning

Power System Planning

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