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Power network modelling and analysis

Maximizing the value of power network analysis applications

Many utilities have purchased power network analysis applications along with their Energy Management Systems (EMS)—such as State Estimator, Contingency Analysis, etc. However, many utilities have not been able to devote the time or effort needed to develop and maintain the network model to ensure an accurate solution.

As demonstrated by the North American east coast blackout in 2004, robust power network analysis applications that provide accurate results are critical to the reliability and security of the electric grid. In response to the blackout, the North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) is considering requirements that will mandate certain network applications (SE and CA) and the quality of the solution for many NERC entities.

Developing and improving network model and applications accuracy
DNV has extensive knowledge and experiences helping utilities develop or improve the accuracy of the network model and network applications. We offer a range of services and solutions, including:

  • network model development
  • network model analysis and evaluation
  • network model tuning
  • development/analysis of contingencies
  • staffing analysis and recommendations
  • network modeling and tools training.

We have developed processes and tools to allow us to quickly analyze problems, or potential problems, and make the model additions or modifications necessary to greatly improve the robustness of the solution.

We also provide training and support to allow existing utility staff to take over the maintenance of the network model and ensure that the model continues to provide accurate solutions as a system changes.

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