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Power cable verification

Minimise the risk of failure for land and submarine power cables by verifying quality throughout your project

With demand for reliable, safe and sustainable energy is rising across the globe, transmission and distribution grids are becoming larger and more complex. Renewable energy sources are proliferating, but are often situated at remote locations. Consequently, the use, length, size and importance of power cables is growing all the time.

However, few if any grid components can rival the consequences of power cable failure. Power cables are notoriously difficult to repair once installed, making replacement and repair lengthy and expensive processes. As a result, the economic and social damage caused by a faulty cable quickly stacks up, harming your revenue and reputation more and more as the clock ticks. So how can you best mitigate the risk of failure?

Quality assurance is crucial
In paper B1-112 issued to the Cigre 2014 conference, the impact of quality assurance and control on the commissioning of long cable circuits was investigated. The paper states that “the quality and successful commissioning can be positively influenced by:

  • Introduction of risk-based quality control and implementation of mitigation actions
  • Additional quality assurance and control measures in projects when needed
  • Proper preparation and verification of the specifications and designs”

 This is where DNV can help. As a highly reputable, knowledgeable and independent third party, we offer trusted verification and certification services for land and submarine cables. Thanks to our extensive experience and highly trained engineers, we can support you throughout all the phases of your realisation project. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Verification or support in drafting technical specifications and tender documentation
  • Bid evaluations
  • QA/QC process definition
  • Technical design verification
  • Inspection and test plan verification
  • Design, manufacturing, testing, and installation document review and endorsement
  • Factory auditing
  • Manufacturing witnessing
  • Witnessing tests and inspections
  • Non-conformity reviewing and witnessing (including proposed solutions)
  • Root cause analysis (verification)
  • Installation witnessing
  • Jointing witnessing
  • Witnessing cable system commissioning

Following completion of the service, we deliver either an independent verification report, or product certification. This provides a transparent and internationally respected guarantee of quality and reliability.

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