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We provide support, information and training on PSC matters to prepare you for inspections – and are at your side at all times.

Are you prepared for the next port state control inspection? Or what do you do if your vessel is detained and cannot continue on schedule? You need a reliable partner who supports you when you need it, anywhere in the world.

Our long-standing, high port state control (PSC) performance is testimony to the quality of our services and good cooperation with our customers. Whether you need support to prepare for an inspection, upon detention or to prevent off-hire due to detention, call on us and we will be at your side – regardless of where you are in the world.

Supporting inspection preparation: the PSC Planner and Insights

PSC Planner

The PSC Planner helps you prepare for upcoming inspections by providing simple checklists for setting the right priorities for your ships and identifying different focus areas.

You can gain access to the PSC Planner via Veracity / My Services / Fleet Status. 

To remain a global player in the maritime industry, it is more important than ever for ship managers and operators to improve their operational efficiency, including their preparation for PSC inspections. With the PSC Planner application from DNV, managers and operators have everything they need for improved PSC performance with just a few clicks. The application provides overview and benchmarking data of your fleet. Special features enable the crew to focus on specific areas of improvement, supporting a smoother PSC experience to ensure the vessel can continue its voyage on schedule.

PSC checklists

As the world’s leading classification society, we are able to conduct extensive research and constant analysis to evaluate the lessons learned from inspections and detentions. Based on these insights, the PSC checklists contain ship-specific items, key port-specific aspects and the PSC top 18 detainable deficiencies, as well as factors related to Concentrated Inspection Campaigns when applicable. Thereby, we assist you in being best prepared for PSC inspections worldwide at all times.


Depending on your needs, the PSC Planner can automatically send you the PSC pre-arrival checklist whenever you need it, to make your inspection preparation as efficient as possible.

PSC Insights

The PSC Insights dashboard has been developed to provide an easy overview of the PSC performance of your fleet in terms of its detention and deficiency ratio. It shows the development over the last three years benchmarked against a similar fleet. 

The PSC Insights dashboard also offers a ranking overview of all the ships in your fleet with regards to deficiencies and detentions. More importantly, it offers an overview of the categories with the highest deficiency ratio in a fleet, and it contains a complete list of previously recorded detentions and PSC deficiencies for the chosen fleet so that you know where to focus your efforts on.

Support to prepare for Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CIC)

The 2023 CIC, developed by the Paris, Tokyo, and other MoUs, will be carried out from 1 September to 30 November and focus on fire safety systems. We expect other MoUs to join this CIC.

To support your CIC preparation, we publish the checklist provided by the Tokyo MoU and the Paris MoU when available. The 2023 checklist will be published in August, at which time we will offer a free webinar giving you the opportunity to ask our experts any questions you may have.

More insights and the invitation to join the webinar will be shared well in advance, and materials from the previous years can be accessed via the resource collection below.

Rely on us during detentions: on-board assistance

When you are in need of support, simply request a survey in the portal. A surveyor can assist you on board – usually in the local language for easy communication with the PSC officers. Building on our depth of practical experience and extensive research, we are familiar with local PSC authorities and their requirements, and are therefore usually able to speed up the process to keep the detention time to a minimum.

For technical questions, please use DATE.

Additional PSC services: expert support and training

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