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A tool designed for advanced recording, visualization, assessment and reporting for wall thickness measurements of hull structures.

To verify the structural integrity of a vessel, thickness measurements of the hull structure must be taken periodically, where each measurement point needs to be documented. There can be up to 20,000 measurement points – all repeatedly measured over the life of the vessel – creating a vast amount of data, which must be effectively managed and assessed. Therefore, PEGASUS has been developed by DNV as a software tool improving preparation, recording, assessment, storage and reporting of such measurements.


First released in 2008 at Germanischer Lloyd, GL PEGASUS supported recording thickness measurements for 3D structural models. Two years later, GL PEGASUS Lite became a mandatory tool for all thickness measurement companies certified by GL. This tool was able to handle thickness measurements without requiring a 3D structural model of the vessel. It was used by more than 300 certified thickness measurement companies until summer 2013. Since September 2013, GL PEGASUS and GL PEGASUS Lite are being replaced by an integrated version PEGASUS.


PEGASUS offers an integrated software solution supporting thickness measurements independent of whether or not a 3D structural model is available. Even partial 3D structural models are supported by using tabular input for the missing parts. Independent of the recording method hot spot assessments, statistics, as well as reports in IACS format are presented in a unified manner. It also supports measurement recording and assessment for bulkers and tankers built according to IACS Common Structural Rules.

Link to ShipManager Hull 

PEGASUS extends DNV's hull integrity management software ShipManager Hull by integration of thickness measurements: 3D models utilised by ShipManager Hull can be used directly for recording of thickness measurements by PEGASUS while thickness measurements recorded with PEGASUS can be easily integrated into ShipManager Hull. The accumulation of an accurate long-term database of thickness measurements allows a more precise scheduling and planning for repairs, as well as predicting future corrosion.


PEGASUS is available free of charge for all thickness measurement companies having a valid GL, DNV or DNV certificate. Licenses required for using a structural 3D model are available on request.


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