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Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP) Generator

The Ballast Water Management Convention will enter into force and thus requires all ships that fall under the regulation to have an approved Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP) on board by September 2017. The Ballast Water Management Plan Generator application supports ship owners and managers to prepare such plans in an easy and fast way.

Beside others, the Ballast Water Management Convention contains the requirement to have a ship-specific ballast water management plan (BWMP) approved by the administration on board. Since the Convention requires D-1 compliance within the entry into force, a BWMP must be approved and on board by 8 September 2017.

The Ballast Water Management Plan Generator allows ship owners and managers to prepare BWMPs for their whole fleet. The heart of the application is the BWMP-template, which is provided by DNV Maritime. Thus, ship owners and managers do not need to design und prepare their own template.

To fill in the template, users will enter a list of ships for which a BWMP shall be created. This can be done ship-by-ship (via IMO number or ship name) or by uploading a .csv file containing all relevant IMO numbers. For each ship, the main particulars are taken from public available databases. Users just need to supplement them with data on pumps, tanks and sampling. The BWMP can then be downloaded and submitted for approval.

To offer the most available comfort, data from already prepared BWMPs can be copied from one ship to another to reduce the manual input significantly. This allows a fast and easy preparation of BWMPs.

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