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Owner's engineering for solar energy

Comprehensive engineering and consultancy services ensure your solar project is delivered on time and to the best standard.

With more solar assets being installed, asset management is increasingly important and challenging. But it requires extensive engineering expertise and resources – often exceeding the capabilities solar energy farm owners and operators can afford to carry in-house. Hence, Owner’s engineering services are important to ensure smooth and safe project development. And in the case of disputes, a technical evaluation by independent engineers offers better leverage.

Enhance your capabilities
Our Owners engineering services are the ideal way to augment the capabilities of your own technical staff. We bring extensive engineering expertise across all technical areas, including civil, electrical, power systems, etc. So you can be sure your project will be delivered on time and to the best standard.

Our key Owner’s engineering services for solar projects include:

  • RFP (request for proposal) development
  • Technical troubleshooting on operating systems
  • Full turn-key electrical design work/series (North America only)
  • Preliminary layout and site optimization
  • Reviewing preliminary and detailed design documentation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Shipping and factory inspections
  • Site inspections from mobilization through to commissioning, testing and take-over
  • Defects and punch-listing
  • Warranty, operations and maintenance support

Confidence from independent evaluation
Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in the solar industry, our expert team works closely with you to ensure your project receives the engineering and consulting services it needs. We are completely impartial, providing you with an independent evaluation that delivers the strongest evidence and confidence for all stakeholders and investors.

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