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Operational services in solar PV plants

Helping you navigate the challenges in all phases of solar energy plant development to maximize return on investment.

Photovoltaic (PV) plant operators face many challenges before ensuring their investment is worthwhile. Plant underperformance can arise through poorly executed work during commissioning, due to contractor or equipment quality issues. They can also occur during operation as a result of equipment degradation or unexpected problems: product failure, connection issues, etc.

You deserve the top experts
Wherever you’re located in the world, your challenges deserve the top experts with the most experience. That’s where DNV comes in. If you have a problem, our Operational services for PV plants will help you find a solution. We’ll support you in ensuring your plant operates to its optimum and improve PV performance.

Our experts will assist you throughout the commissioning phase to make sure your plant will produce as expected. We check if there really are performance issues in the plant, and work with you to overcome them. For issues related to the PV modules themselves, we can we advise you on what action to take.

Our methods include data analysis, and, if required, testing and onsite inspections. The results are delivered in reports with action items to overcome existing issues during commissioning and assure future production. Recommendations can also be offered for resolving operational issues.

  • Comprehensive Plant Audits: Our experienced professionals conduct detailed audits of your solar PV plant, analyzing key performance indicators to identify potential areas of improvement and optimization
  • Performance Assessment: We evaluate the performance ratio of your solar PV plant to determine its overall efficiency. We help you achieve optimal energy production and minimize losses by identifying and rectifying performance deviations
  • Long-term energy assessment: Based on representative operational data of your PV plant, DNV will estimate the expected production for the remaining lifetime
  • O&M contract compliance: We analyse the compliance of the O&M contractor with the contract in place, by analysing O&M reports, corrective measures are undertaken and also by visiting the PV plant to evaluate the status
  • Onsite measurements: DNV can undertake a measurement campaign including thermal inspection, IV curve measurements, visual inspection, and electroluminescence.

Experience the difference
We have 18 years’ experience behind us in due diligence, inspections, feasibility studies, etc, and we actively participate in various international standardization committees. Through our comprehensive services, you gain access to the extensive knowledge we’ve built up on all solar plant operation phases, from beginning to end. This huge experience manifests in our work, and in the recommendations we give you. Not only do we have the equipment to measure thermography, etc, of a PV plant, we are one of the few who offer a complete solution using valuable global and technical expertise.

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