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Operational scan for system compliance and improvements

By assessing working procedures and internal communication, you can improve your systems and enhance your business, public image and efficiency while reducing costs

Are you compliant with standards and your own operational safety and working procedures? Are there areas where you could improve your systems? How can you ensure that your procedures are optimised, and confirm their safety? For all these questions, information is key.

Today’s work sites can be very complex. Third-party contractors, large distances between departments and operations, competing shifts and more can cause bottlenecks in communication. This makes it hard to get a good overview and understanding of your own working processes, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Ensuring compliance – whether with standards or with your own handbooks – can have a significant positive impact on business, public image, maintenance, efficiency and costs. A scan of your current operational situation by an independent auditor can support you in improving your compliance with rules, regulations and standards, and increase your organisation’s safety.

An action plan for improvement
DNL GL’s operational scan, based on the PAS55 / ISO 55001 standard for asset management, offers you an objective, third-party assessment that pinpoints your key issues. Starting from the bottom up, we uncover your real, basic working procedures, through staff interviews and observation. We also focus on the communication between departments, shifts and contractors, to show you how information is transferred from one to another.

You get:

  • An overview of your systems, and whether they are running optimally
  • Identification of areas that could be improved Meaningful and reliable information from an experienced yet objective partner
  • A full report with our key findings and recommendations that focus on your systems, not individual people or tasks
  • So you know exactly where your problem areas are and what needs to be improved. You have the information you need to ensure that your own procedures are correct and conscientiously applied. As a result, you can be sure your company is getting the benefits of compliance.

Know-how, and a personalized approach
DNV has the systems, knowledge and experience to investigate your systems, procedures and communications. As an independent expert, we can offer you impartial assessments and advice. This innovative Operational Scan service is already benefiting organisations in the Netherlands, UAE and the UK.