Ontology building for industries

Our ontology building team creates data models that allow machines to validate and verify data quality and compliance to requirements automatically.

Ontology building for industries

The tendering and engineering processes in oil and gas and maritime industries are time-consuming and often depend on substantial amounts of structured and unstructured data. Standards and requirements are in many cases not understandable to computers and verification is mainly done manually. This means there is a major opportunity for improving efficiency by digitalizing and automating these processes.

Based on our extensive ontology building expertise, we can help industry ensure cost effective, reliable, and safe digital assets. Ontology building enables solutions and systems that machines can validate and verify automatically.

This will also support the early discovery of inconsistent requirements, remove ambiguity in the definition of requirements, and lead to better search capabilities using the ontology data model.

Ontology systems

We can help you reach your cost reduction goals through digitalization, automation and ontology systems. This includes methodologies for modelling requirements, definition tools, capturing and browsing reference data and asset data, and automatic reasoning and quality checks.

Our ontology systems lead to greater precision and reduced effort in engineering work processes and reduce total time and cost.

Ontology data model and W3C standards

Our ontologies are built using the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards for ontologies and semantic web, representing information in an application-independent manner and extending standard ontology data models for concepts in the engineering domain.

The READI Joint Industry Project:

READI is a joint industry project with the purpose to standardize and govern information requirements for the oil and gas industry.

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