Ontology based search

DNV’s ontology-based search tool is an innovative solution that automatically extracts valuable data from many different sources and file types, supporting digitalization and improved decision-making.

Ontology based search engine

For decades, data has been created and maintained in different formats and with little planning for future use. This includes structured data in databases and spreadsheets, and unstructured data in text documents and PDFs. Much valuable data remains inaccessible in search. The challenge of digitalization is to bring differently structured and formatted data together, revealing new potential and opportunities for discovery. Organizations need to extract pieces of information deep within text and structured data. With semantic search and formal representation of relevant knowledge in ontologies, we translate written language so that computer systems can understand it and make the data available for the basis of critical decisions.

Ontology based search projects

Our ontology search experts can help you:

  • Index your data
  • Add domain knowledge (ontology)
  • Discover opportunities

Our ontology-based search team is working closely with DNV domain experts to support our customers in defining and building comprehensive ontologies that will make optimal use of different data sources. The team has many years of expertise in this field across different domains.

DNV has delivered several successful ontology-based search projects. One example of this type of project was done for a Norwegian healthcare provider. We have demonstrated improved patient security by implementing an ontology-based search engine that brings patient information together, including medical history, allergy records, and other important factors that the medical staff need to know before surgery.

Using ontology-based search for incident investigations

DNV has also investigated offshore incidents for the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority. DNV utilized and adapted an ontology search engine drawing on multiple sources with the objective to identify incidents associated with bolted joints in the Norwegian oil and gas industry, and to obtain trending regarding causes of these incidents. Read the full report here.

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Study on bolt incidents

The study was performed by DNV on commission from PSA - the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway.

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