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Oil spill risk assessment and response planning

Oil spill risk assessment

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Torild R. Nissen-Lie

Torild R. Nissen-Lie

Group Leader

Helping you evaluate environmental risks, potential impacts and identify cost-efficient response options

Good company practice and regulatory requirements create a need to map the environmental risks of potential oil spills and to identify preparedness and response options.

Our oil spill risk assessment service will help you achieve optimal oil spill preparedness and response solutions including plans, which ensure reduced environmental and socio-economic impacts. 

DNV can assess and identify relevant risk-reducing measures, ensure documentation is in accordance with government regulations and help you implement oil spill preparedness solutions. 

We perform quantitative oil spill risk assessments using state-of-the art 3D oil spill modeling tools combined with up-to-date species and habitat distribution and sensitivity data. Spill modelling can be preceded by blowout and kill studies, and well-specific assessments based on reservoir conditions, benchmarking analysis, statistical models and simulations. 

Our oil spill risk assessments services use internationally-recognized tools and are compliant with standards specified by operators, oil spill response contractors and authorities. 

We also make an ongoing contribution to the technological development of oil spill response equipment.

This service offers:

  • A detailed quantitative risk picture 
  • Identification of priorities and environmentally-sensitive areas
  • Identification of risk reducing measures 
  • Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA)
  • Oil spill contingency analysis and response plans
  • Customized solutions for near shore and shoreline response
  • Customized solutions for cold climate (Arctic) oil spill preparedness and response 
  • Gap analysis of current oil spill response solutions
  • State of the art 3D oil spill fate and trajectory model (OSCAR)
  • Operational oil spill support and technology advisory
  • Implementing standards for testing of spill response equipment
  • Verification of oil spill response technologies and plans.

Contact us:

Torild R. Nissen-Lie

Torild R. Nissen-Lie

Group Leader

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Oil spill risk assessment and response planning


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Oil spill contingency analysis and planning (flyer)

By implementing a risk-based environmental strategy, DNV GL believes that oil and gas activities can be carried ou tefficiently and with a minimum of environmental risk.

Verification of oil spill preparedness

DNV GL applies a risk-based approach to the verification of oil spill preparedness.

Oil spill modelling (flyer)

DNV GL uses well known tools for modelling fate and transport of spills for use in environmental risk assessment and oil spill contingency.

OPERATO - Operational Environmental Risk Assessment tool (flyer)

DNV GL has developed a software tool for visualizing environmental risk for both existing and planned oil fields. The tool provides a dynamic and interactive environmental risk picture.

PREGA (flyer)

PREGA - A user-friendly tool to analyse how environmental factors impact oil spill response operations.

ASO - Acute Strategy Oil Spill (flyer)

Planformat on tactical level to be used in protection of prioritised areas.

Environmental risk and oil spill contingency analysis course (1 day)

This course will provide an overview of the methods for oil drift modelling (OSCAR), quantitative environmental risk analysis (MIRA) and oil spill contingency analysis.

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