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Environmental technology advisory

DNV addresses environmental opportunities and risks during design and operation of offshore energy installations

Energy installations need to be designed and operated in compliance with national requirements, industry standards and company practices. The goal is to achieve technical systems with high environmental performance without excessive costs.

We support project developers and operators across the entire lifecycle of energy projects, from planning to decommissioning. We perform lifecycle impact assessment of energy production, facilitate ENVID workshops to identify and assess environmental risk, and implement systematic approaches to support and document the decision process for Best Available Techniques (BAT).

DNV is a recognized third-party service provider with a global network of experts. We perform reviews and verification of designs and installations according to environmental standards such as the NORSOK S-003 Environmental Care.

We advise on sound technical solutions that in a cost-efficient manner meet authority requirements and contribute to high environmental performance, reduced environmental risk and increased energy efficiency.

Our environmental technology services include:

  • Environmental Hazard Identification workshops (HAZID/ENVID) 
  • BAT assessments using proven and documented method
  • Life cycle assessment and carbon footprint of energy production
  • Advisory related to nature inclusive designs (NID)
  • Assessment of leak detection and remote-sensing techniques for offshore oil and gas fields, for early detection of oil spills
  • ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) and cost/benefit assessments
  • Development of environmental budgets
  • Integrated approach for safety and environmental barrier management, including development of performance standards for Environmental Critical Elements (ECE) 
  • Reviews and verification of environmental performance of drilling rigs and installations against NORSOK S-003 standard.

Related rules and standards


DNV-RP-F302 Offshore leak detection


DNV-RP-G104 Identification and management of environmental barriers


DNV-RP-O601 Managing environmental aspects and impacts of seabed mining