Offshore load analysis

DNV's Offshore load analysis provides you with turbine and support structure load envelopes, crucial when building an offshore wind farm.

When building an offshore wind farm, load analysis is crucial. It is important to understand the loading that both wind turbines and their support structures will experience in a specific wind farm project. These factors ensure turbines are suitable for the installation, and that support structures are designed appropriately.

We perform a comprehensive, integrated analysis of your system’s responses and loading. This generates a robust, accurate and time efficient calculation of the design load envelopes for offshore projects. The analysis takes into account local wave and wind conditions, and the complex interactions between the turbine, its control system and the support structure.

The completed service provides you with comprehensive load envelopes for the turbine and support structure, conforming to recognized design standards including IEC 61 400-C, GL 2012 and DNV-OS-J101.

Supporting projects globally
We are a leading independent provider of offshore wind load analysis services, supporting the development of offshore wind projects globally. Our team of experienced professionals ensure you get the benefits of a more integrated approach for numerical modelling and load calculations for offshore projects.

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