Offshore grid connection design and cost estimates

DNV offers project developers conceptual designs to assess technical options for offshore grid connections and to derive well-founded cost estimates

Exploring design options, selecting appropriate technologies, and establishing reliable cost estimates are an essential part of any offshore project development.

Comprehensive grid connection design service
DNV’s experienced teams work with you to create conceptual designs for offshore connections, taking into account your project’s specific needs and the technologies available. This conceptual design development covers: AC/DC determination, technology and voltage level selection, and connection design (including backbone, mesh, sharing subs, split, and gen-ties).

Based on this, our experts can provide cost estimates for CAPEX, OPEX and REPEX. You will receive crucial information for your decision-making, with key details such as:

  • Bottom-up cost estimations, using cost data at main component level
  • Estimated offshore grid costs, up to and inclusive of onshore landing station

The main inputs for these estimates include component type, voltage, rating, cable length and operational year.

Accurate cost assessments
The unit costs are based on manufacturer inputs and our knowledge of similar projects. We also continuously monitor publicly announced contract values for HVDC/HVAC projects and draw on reference materials from sources including the National Grid, E-Highway2050, NorthSeaGrid (EU IEE research), and PROMOTioN(EU Horizon2020).

DNV’s specialists use prior experience to apply learning curves for components that will be operational in future years, so you have realistic cost estimates for your project.