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Backed by our expertise, we support project control and provide assurance of the delivered result.

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Erik Alfred Mokal Henriksen

Director of Service & Business Development - Division Offshore Classification

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New technologies and high-risk environments are all prominent factors when evaluating concepts for offshore installations. Designers and -operators need to consider the technical challenges involved in any newbuilding at the earliest stages of project planning, if they are to ensure reliability, performance and cost control.

DNV combines extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in identifying and mitigating risks in offshore projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. Our broad knowledge of the offshore industry enables us to contribute to save our customers considerable amounts of time and money by avoiding the need to go back to the drawing board to address problematic issues later down the line. Classification of an offshore installations includes the following main elements:

  • Pre-Class contract services offer early insights into key challenges of a project, thus significantly reducing the risk of negative impact in the future.
  • Design approval is carried out according to DNVGL’s Class-leading offshore stand­ards, incorporating the latest technical and relevant regulatory requirements to operate offshore installations. This ensures an efficient design and supports transparency and control of the building project.
  • Fabrication survey and commissioning is essential to ensure consistent building quality and fabrication according to approved design. A successful project requires an overall perspective, from design to completion, while engaging all parties involved.
  • Certification of systems and components (CMC) Systems and equipment for offshore projects delivered from around the world must be certified according to Class and reg­ulatory requirements before they arrive at the yard for installation and integration on board.