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Noise and vibration reduction

Successful noise and vibration management ensures comfort, reduces environmental impact and mitigates risks enabling a safer vessel.

Excessive noise and vibration are a safety risk to structural integrity, equipment, crew, passengers, and marine life. For assets with advanced equipment to work efficiently, controlling noise and vibration sometimes in addition to that of its surroundings, is necessary.

Noise and vibrations can have multiple sources. Propellers and machinery are the most common sources, but other less common sources such as cranes, rudders, ventilation, and flow-induced phenomena may also be a root cause of excessive noise and vibration. Solving noise and vibration-related issues therefore requires multidisciplinary competence and skills. Rely on DNV to identify sources of noise and vibrations on your ships or marine assets. Backed by over 40 years of experience in noise and vibration analysis, we have extensive competence in noise and vibration for all kind of vessels. We assist owners and operators in designing, building and operating their vessels with reduced noise and vibration.

Our service for noise and vibration reduction consists of the following:

  • Predicting noise and vibration levels
  • Taking measurements and troubleshooting
  • Identifying relevant reduction measures
  • Providing statement of compliance towards international standards

Noise and vibration are also a part of different DNV voluntary class notations.

Our team is experienced in the relevant international and national regulations and standards such as MSC.337(91), MLC, NORSOK, ISO and class notations both from DNV and other class societies.

Contact DNV to achieve benefits of reduced noise and vibration:

  • Reduced noise emissions to the environment (above and below water)
  • Improved crew and passengers health and safety (human fatigue, hearing alarms and public address system)
  • Minimized risk of vibration-induced fatigue damage and malfunctioning of
  • equipment
  • Noise and vibration levels within contractual limits