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Gain better control of your newbuilding projects

Managing the inspection process of a shipbuilding project is complicated. A project typically extends over several years and includes many different types of activities and stakeholders. 

First launched in 2004, Nauticus Construction has been used by more than 200 newbuilding projects by customers. This inspection management tool was developed by DNV in close cooperation with shipowners’ newbuilding departments and site teams. Built on the same framework that is used internally by DNV for site approval, it features:

  • tailor-made functionalities for supervision at site, including planning, execution, reporting and follow-up of inspections
  • arrangement of comments, checklists, drawings, documents and emails structured according to relevant activities
  • status reports providing real-time project overview
  • multi-user access to supports sharing of information between team members and the owner’s head office
  • role-based access control on project basis
New features introduced in 2020 include:
  • new user interface based on a process-centric approach
  • easy to adjust views / powerful filters
  • option to add comments
  • status reporting: ability to print all open items to excel (including images)
Owners, supervisors and stakeholders can benefit from:
  • a comprehensive overview of all newbuilding projects in your portfolio with
    • all essential information in one place
    • overview of status/progress
    • real-time access to information anywhere in the world
    • worklists for all site team members
    • consistent reporting by different surveyors and site teams
  • easy re-use of data for improved series production
  • valuable information to be used in connection with commissioning
  • information security - database hosting (including.backups) and access control
  • valuable info in the system to be used in ship operation such as
    • guaranty period and warranty claims
    • docking
Interested to learn more? Contact us for a demo, enquire about pricing, or to speak with our experts on how we can best assist you with your newbuilding projects.

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