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See the certification status of all your wind turbine components and generate certificates for new configurations at the touch of the button

Wind turbine supply chains are getting more and more complex. Each turbine type typically has multiple variants of certain components, combined in different configurations to suit different site conditions and owner requirements. For their own peace of mind or to meet regulatory requirements, your customers need to know that the exact configuration they want is fully certified – which means you need to track the certification status of hundreds of components and a number of turbine configurations.

MyCertificate is designed specifically to reduce this effort. Built on our secure Veracity digital platform, MyCertificate is the first tool to offer you a real-time overview of all component variants used in a particular turbine type.

You can use it to check the certification status of any configuration your customer requests. Then, at a push of a button, you can generate a tailored certificate for that specific configuration and with the selected component variants. The digital certificate features a unique QR code, allowing your customers to quickly and easily check that it is a real, valid DNV certificate.

Benefits of MyCertificate

  • Increase your efficiency during tendering
    • Instantly check certification status of all components in a new configuration
    • Generate exactly the certificate your customer needs
  • Streamline your product planning
    • See at a glance what has been certified and what hasn’t
  • Give your customers complete peace of mind
    • Self-generated certificate includes QR codes for verifying their authenticity

Getting the MyCertificate app
MyCertificate is available to all wind turbine manufacturers who are registered on our Veracity digital platform.

  1. If haven’t already, register for Veracity
  2. Go to market place and get in touch with DNV
  3. Agree on subscription
Kim Mørk

MyCertificate helps improve efficiency for wind turbine manufacturers to see exactly what has and hasn’t been certified and deliver the precise certificate their customer needs at the time they need it

  • Kim Mørk, PhD, MSc ,
  • Executive Vice President, Renewables Certification ,
  • DNV GL - Energy

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The world's first interactive certificate configurator for wind turbines

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