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Mechanical engineering of wind turbines

An integrated and focused approach to mechanical engineering helps you create more cost-competitive wind turbine designs that can be optimized for specific locations.

Lowering the cost of energy production and turbine manufacturing is always desirable. But given the usual design complexity and demand on resources, cost reduction can be difficult to achieve. What’s more, the need to certify turbines for specific locations puts additional pressure on getting the design right.

Solving your challenges together
Whatever challenges you face, we will help you overcome them with our integrated design service. This focuses on loads, control, and Strategic and Policy Services (SPS) to arrive at an optimal concept or preliminary design.

For OEMs, we provide full design and analysis of turbines, giving you a fast track to production. Component manufacturers can utilize our knowledge and understanding of integrated turbine designs, and the ways to reduce cost.

In all cases, we can help you optimize each component, enabling the most cost-effective designs possible. We can also evaluate technologies and review new inventions, supporting you in further development, optimization and the validation of energy cost reduction claims.

You can also call on our expertise to review supply chain constraints and optimize designs for specific site conditions. Also, during concept design, we can help you understand the cost of energy implications while developing your design.

Three-phase service
1. A market review provides information for the concept design stage, where we compare different concepts based on:

  • Rotor diameter
  • Blade design (optimization of design) 
  • Rated power 
  • Drive train layout
  • Controller design

2. We review the options and rank the concepts, so you can simply select the best option for you.

3. Integrated design of the turbine during the preliminary design phase.

Once the designs are finished we deliver all the designs and knowledge to you and organize training, so eventually you can become the detail designers and own the product.

Global service and support for on- and off-shore turbines
DNV's in-house expertise encompasses all areas of turbine design. Together with our practical know-how, we help you optimize designs using an advanced cost-of-energy modelling design tool. Our design experience covers a wide range of concepts, including:

  • Up to 10Mw/200m rotor diameter
  • Constant and variable speed designs
  • Collective and individual pitch control 
  • Direct drive and geared drive-trains
  • 2- and 3-blade machine designs
  • Onshore and offshore solutions
  • Tidal turbines

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  Turbine Engineering Support

Turbine Engineering Support

DNV’s Turbine engineering team provides world-leading independent expertise in wind turbine technology, design and analysis. We support the industry in the design and operation of more reliable and cost-effective wind turbines. Watch our new video to find out more.

  Turbine Engineering Services brochure

Turbine Engineering Services brochure

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Strategy & policy advice on renewables from DNV helps you make better strategic choices and design more effective policies.