Marine noise pollution

We assist in reducing harmful sounds, including underwater noise, in ships, ports, and offshore operations, both at the surface and underwater.

Noise pollution is a major environmental and health issue. The harmful effects on human and marine life have been well-documented. To address this problem, legislators are implementing more regulations to curb harmful noise, and some ports are offering incentives to vessels that operate at lower noise levels.

We assist customers in challenges ranging from documenting noise levels to proposing relevant noise reducing measures. Our team of experts draws on their extensive project experience and accumulated knowledge to provide accurate measurements and data-driven analysis.

Our marine noise pollution service covers:

  • External noise predictions 
  • Underwater radiated noise predictions
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Tip vortex calculations by means of semi-empirical methods
  • State-of-the-art CFD calculations of propellers
  • Calculation of the noise radiation from machinery components
  • Recommendations for the most cost-effective modifications

Many clients use our unique competence in the field of acoustics and rely on DNV to provide underwater noise analysis for their vessels – enabling them to perform their tasks proficiently and effectively.

Control your asset’s noise pollution with assistance from DNV:

  • Ensure compliance with standards and regulations – such as the DNV Silent Class and ICES 209
  • Increase the safety of your operation
  • Reduce your vessels’ environmental impact 
  • Gain reliable documentation of noise emissions