Knowledge sharing

Improving knowledge development, collaboration and sharing: within and between projects

Project environments generate a wealth of experiences and lessons learned every day. But this knowledge may not reach a wider network, especially in multi-national or multi-location contexts.

Modern organisations often deliver products, technologies and services through projects and programmes with a multitude of internal and external stakeholders. But the 'local' knowledge developed is afterwards heavily underused or remains untapped. As a result, opportunities to reuse knowledge across the project landscape or in operations can be missed.

In a project environment, lessons learning and knowledge sharing should be integral to programme and project management discipline, and not left to chance.

DNV has developed significant international experience working with programme management offices and networks for joint-industry projects (JIPs), international R & D, and demonstration programmes.

We focus on:

  • Learning in projects: at key milestones and critical points on the project timeline
  • Learning between projects: the identification, capture and sharing of good practices, joint problem-solving and lessons learned
  • Learning from projects: the capture, validation and dissemination of knowledge

The tools we use include: facilitated workshops, expert meetings and knowledge markets; on-line learning dashboards; benchmarking, and web-based collaboration platforms.

What we do:

  • Identify knowledge needs and offers across project portfolio and networks
  • Design and implement:
    • Match-making between needs and offers
    • Sharing, capture, and transfer mechanisms
    • IT infrastructure
    • Validation processes
  • Facilitate exchange in communities of practice and networks
  • Mobilise external expertise.

ISO 9001:2015 7.1.6

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  Do you determine the knowledge necessary for business performance?

Do you determine the knowledge necessary for business performance?

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