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Hazardous areas

Hazardous area equipment is intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, caused by combustible mixtures of air and flammable gas or dust. There are a number of international schemes which identify the requirements for safe design, operation and maintenance of this equipment.

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Ensure your business is ahead of the curve with the latest standards for explosive atmosphere requirements.

Ensuring the safety of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres is not just a necessity, it is a regulatory mandate. Whether your products are destined for European markets or beyond, they must adhere to stringent safety standards and comply with both European and International regulations. In today‚Äôs global economy, accommodating international standardization is key.

Navigating the complexities of compliance can put significant pressure on your business. Non-compliance risks not only increased time to market and elevated costs but also the potential loss of business opportunities.

How can DNV help?

At DNV, we prioritize managing risks and mitigating specific losses to ensure your regulatory compliance is secured in a timely manner, allowing you to trade and operate without hindrance. Our comprehensive guidance encompasses understanding the pertinent rules and regulations for your product or facility, including standards for potentially explosive atmospheres.

We offer a step-by-step journey, assisting you in every phase to guarantee a smooth and successful product launch. Our services extend to assessment, testing, and facilitating the selection of appropriate laboratories. Early collaboration in the design process, particularly through gap analysis, provides critical and actionable insights, ensuring compliance throughout the development cycle.

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Our offering

DNV offers a full scope of evaluation, assessment, and certification services by covering the following services:

  • World-wide certification schemes
  • Testing and reporting
  • Pre-evaluation and guidance in accordance with actual standards/requirements
  • For Europe: Preparation for customer to issue CE/UKCA (Doc)

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If you are in the field of explosive or hazardous area equipment, reach out to us and we will guide you through your compliance journey starting with a free consultation.

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