Feasibility of thermal energy plants

Independent feasibility studies that tell you everything you need to know when planning a thermal energy plant

Before implementing a thermal energy plant, you want to know if the plan is technically and environmentally feasible and if the business case is solid. Trustworthy evidence of a plant’s viability is essential when persuading financial institutions to invest or governments of long-term energy stability.

DNV helps you answer these questions through a fully independent techno-economic feasibility study. This gives a completely objective and impartial view on your potential ideas and the risks involved with your investment.

End-to-end support
Our service covers the complete thermal energy project development: from conceptual design to engineering support and consultancy services. It includes a technologic option analysis based on locality, fuel availability, import and export prices of the preferred fuel and product, and dispatch possibilities. Working closely with you, we develop all the essential technical and economic assumptions and boundary conditions for your new investment and define possible technical solutions. Technically and environmentally viable concepts are assessed on economic grounds. We also define technical and environmental constraints, and identify actions to mitigate risks for potential show-stoppers. The most promising solutions are then selected based on economic criteria such as levelised cost of energy, net present value, Opex and Capex.

Finally we can support you with the further development of your new asset during tendering, contract negotiation, realisation, commissioning and operation.

100 years of experience
Based on almost 100 years of experience with new-build power plant projects across the market, we offer the complete service package. By working closely together on your project, you can ensure there are no bad depreciations or investments during the plant’s lifetime.