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Environmental information systems

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Innovative environmental analysis

Spatial variations and differences in time can make data difficult to interpret and understand.

DNV combines environmental data, modelling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and our unique expertise to deliver innovative analyses and solutions and help you understand and communicate complex issues.

Geography is one of the key components in evaluating environmental issues, and GIS can be used for data processing, analyzing, and visualizing data in many dimensions.

We use GIS throughout a project, from data processing to presenting our findings. Our deliverables include printed maps, web-based reports with interactive maps, and user-friendly customised solutions for oil and gas, maritime, and other industries. Using Esri GIS software we create solutions that run on desktop, server and mobile platforms. 

Examples of applications of GIS in DNV are demonstrated in the user-friendly and interactive Web GIS portals we have developed, including PREGA (Platform for Response Gap Analysis), Arctic risk map and the Environmental Monitoring Database MOD.

DNV has invested heavily in flexible, easy-to-use analysis of historical high-resolution ice and metocean data. These have been used to tackle specific challenges in Arctic operations and can be applied to many other areas.

We have access to global AIS (Automatic Identification System) data which enable global and regional environmental and risk analysis studies. These have been used for example others as input to models for managing shipping risk and environmental performance. The Arctic risk map above uses AIS data as one input.

What you get:

  • Analysis and visualization of environmental data, including high resolution ice and metocean data
  • Innovative environmental analysis, including interactive maps and web GIS solutions.
  • AIS-based analysis and statistics.

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More about Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS in environmental risk management

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