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Environmental due diligence of hydro power assets

Hydro environmental due diligence

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Environmental due diligence and risk assessment of your hydro power asset by DNV ensures an independent evaluation for developers, owners, investors and other stakeholders you can rely on.

Hydro power projects influence multiple environmental facets in many ways and at DNV we are here to make sure that your projects do not run into any unforeseen delays.

Fact-base analysis and reporting
Our assessment starts with a general review of the environmental policy and system in place. We look whether the site complies with relevant environmental regulations and has all environmental and regulatory permits. Analysis of any past, current or foreseen environment-related complaints that affect the business are taken into account. Key takeaways from recent HSE audits and inspections are being assessed. We review and comment environmental related CapEx and OpEx expenditures in budgets and business plans and look into potential future decommissioning obligations and related capital costs.

Environmental permit compliance and conditions review
Safety and recent incidents are being prioritized by analyses of documentation concerning different kinds of safety accidents in relation to the project and whether this documentation is in accordance with industry standards.

Permits for the construction and operation of a hydro plant include the review of effluent quality and drinking water quality standards, inspection of the facilities, as well as the inspection of facilities for temporary storage of hazardous waste.

Concessions for the project development and operation of hydro power assets are being considered by us from hydroelectric generation to downstream minimum flow requirements and future extensions.

Certificates are reviewed by us based on international standards such as ISO and OHSAS. We verify first issuance, revision, expiry dates and updates to current standards.

Environmental and social impact assessment of hydro power assets based on reviewing existing documentation can cover fish passes, indigenous people, the presence of asbestos, volcanic and seismic activity in the area and risks associated with volatility around flow and water quality.

Environmental monitoring is a tool to minimize environmental impacts. Based on the specific monitoring requirements of the environmental authorities, we support you to define and implement different monitoring programs.

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