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Energy balancing advisory services

DNV provides energy balancing advisory services for TSOs, DNOs, power producers, balancing service providers and regulatory authorities.

Electricity balancing plays a major role in the security of energy supply and in efficient functioning of the electricity market. Our energy balancing advisory services help regulatory authorities, TSOs, DNOs, power producers and balancing service providers to achieve optimal performance and cooperate effectively in fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Whatever your role, we help you find the most efficient solution for new market designs, new control systems and algorithms, and different penetration levels of non-dispatchable generation.

Analysis, simulation, assessments
Typically, our approach is based on analysing the interaction of all the entities participating in the power system. We simulate supply and demand along with existing balancing mechanisms on both a market and system-control level. Based on these simulations, we can provide proof of concepts and energy balancing performance assessment studies.

These assessment studies focus on risks to supply and operational security taking into account basic outputs such as:

  • area power imbalances and area power flows
  • frequency deviations per area
  • phase angles per area
  • congestion in the grid.

These studies can include assessments related to the variability of large renewable resources, energy storage, demand-side response and /or incidents (e.g. generation loss), as well as reserve capacity assessment.

We can also assess the effect of new technologies on security of supply, particularly on load-frequency control  and reserve management.

Proven expertise and specialist tools
Our specialists understand the institutional, legal and technical issues associated with the structure, functioning and development of electricity markets and power infrastructures.

This includes strong expertise in:

  • system operation
  • security of supply
  • RES operation
  • balancing mechanisms
  • load-frequency control and reserves
  • congestion management.

We work with tools such as PowerFactory, as well as KERMIT, a powerful and flexible proprietary tool that allows us to create simulations that answer your specific questions.