Energy audits

Reduce energy costs and reach Article 8 compliance.

Legislation such as the EU Energy Efficiency Directive Article 8, cost efficiency and energy price volatility are pushing businesses to improve their energy efficiency. But reaching this goal requires in-depth knowledge of process energy consumption and opportunities to improve efficiencies.  

A comprehensive look at your energy efficiency
You can gain that knowledge and understanding through our Energy audits service. These audits offer a streamlined and cost-effective way to reach compliance with legislation and identify real savings in your energy consumption – 7% on average.

We start by evaluating your energy monitoring system and perform an energy scan to identify technical, structural and behavioural measures to reduce energy consumption and costs. Through detailed data analysis, site visits and workshops, an energy audit examines your energy consumption and evaluates cost saving opportunities.

Our experience tailored to your needs
Audits are carried out by our highly-skilled engineers who have built up extensive expert knowledge of industrial processes, utilities and buildings. As regulations differ from country to country and every business is unique, we provide a tailored audit based on your location and specific needs. We always deliver a detailed report including an action plan to improve efficiency and recommendations to reduce costs. We can also advise on available subsidies schemes.

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