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Helge Hermundsgård

Helge Hermundsgård

Business Development Manager

ADVANCE from raw data to sustainable operations

Emissions performance is a crucial business factor

At one time, shipping was easy. Fuel was selected based on cost, and fuel costs were passed on to the cargo owners. The maritime industry had little to worry about when it came to emissions. In today’s world, however, you must comply with ever-tightening regulations and ever-rising expectations from stakeholders, customers and partners.

The shipping industry needs to manage and operationally control Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) performance, paired with the accurate accounting of carbon emissions, to settle EU allowances (EUAs) and manage the impact from the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) in the maritime supply chain.  

This is why we developed Emissions Connect, a digital service that serves as an important enabler to achieve the industry’s decarbonization goal by turning raw data into sustainable operations. 

Settlement of EU Allowances with Emissions Connect

Handle EU ETS and gain operational CII control

Driven by a multitude of factors – from regulatory requirements on CII and EUAs to ESG and Poseidon Principles – emissions performance is taking a place within the commercial terms between shipowners, operators, and technical managers thereby affecting the entire maritime value chain.

As a result, a trusted source of verified emissions data is fundamental to facilitate the many business transactions.   

Emissions Connect by DNV fuels the industry’s collaboration by equipping the maritime value chain with capabilities to verify and share data – providing the trusted basis needed to facilitate settlement of EUAs and manage CII performance.

Meeting stakeholder expectations and future-proof operations throughout the value chain requires daily automated reports with real-time verification.

Emissions Connect makes real-time verified data sets available on a non-aggregated level, ready to be analyzed, exported and shared with your stakeholders. Utilizing the operational vessel data (OVD) standard and our digital data verification schemes, this solution connects data across fleets, system and all partners in your unique value chain setting. Providing not just a single source per vessel but purpose build to represent your entire operations.

Access and manage your data sets, monitor and simulate performance, and securely control your value chain partners’ access to the data and insights they need.

Emissions Connect as an all-in-one solution

  • High-quality emissions data baseline – your daily reported OVD is digitally verified and provides an automated quality feedback loop to enable you to resolve data-quality issues easily.
  • Verified voyage statements – enhanced monitoring capabilities on a fleet, ship and voyage level as well as verified voyage statements are provided to serve as a trusted basis for your emissions accounting and ready to facilitate settlement of EUAs.
  • Emissions performance simulation – plan ahead and project the implications of your voyage planning onto the future CII score of your vessel with the ability to benchmark alternative scenarios.
  • Full control and industry collaboration – control and manage emissions data sharing across your value chain on a solid data platform serving as a single source of truth.
  • Prepare to mange the FuelEU impact – future release of Emissions Connect will enable you to control the business impact from the EUFuel Maritime regulations.

Helping you connect

To fully leverage the power of Emissions Connect, you will have to set up your data reporting according to the OVD standard. This will enable you to access the core features of Emissions Connect and benefit from automated data quality feedback loops from DNV.

We understand that the load of data acquisition and integration can be challenging for you. Therefore, we are partnering with several industry players providing standardized application programming interface (API) connections that allow you to share data in the OVD format directly from your current fleet performance management system to the Data Workbench and Emissions Connect. Discover more about our Veracity Partner Network.

Contact us:

Helge Hermundsgård

Helge Hermundsgård

Business Development Manager

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