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Electricity balancing

Evaluating and implementing mechanisms for balancing the electricity supply.

Electricity balancing is essential for ensuring security of supply. But with the growth of renewables, cross-border networks and international energy trading, electricity balancing is more complex then ever before.

Our electricity balancing services help you develop the necessary mechanisms for efficient and cost-effective electricity balancing. We support you in creating, assessing and implementing a wide range of electricity balancing procedures and models including:

  • concepts, procedures and algorithms
  • unit commitment and economic dispatch
  • pricing mechanisms and incentives to promote operational flexibility

Through these services, you gain access to in-depth technical knowledge and practical experience that spans the transmission & distribution (T&D) sector and both renewable and conventional generation. In addition, all our consultants are well versed in the business and financial aspects of the energy industry so you can be confident of finding solutions that fully meet your specific needs.