Due diligence

Helping to increase confidence in investment decisions

The oil and gas industry is characterised by large investments, major technological challenges and significant commercial and political complexity, exposing owners to financial, safety and environmental risk. 

Due diligence is an essential requirement when acquiring, investing, divesting or providing project finance. You need to know precisely what is being sold, its condition, and the commercial, technical and environmental risks involved. 

DNV teams regularly act as independent consultants, engineers and technical advisors to lenders, and owners and investors. Our analysis can help you reduce risk, increase value, and lower transaction costs. 

Our due diligence services give our customers a better understanding of risks and risk mitigations, and help them make investment decisions with confidence. They include Seller Due Diligence (SDD), Buyer Due Diligence (BDD) and Project Due Diligence (PDD), which enables lenders to assess and price the risks of failure to achieve project objectives. 

With a presence in more than 100 countries and a track record in complex due diligence studies, our business and technical experts provide a multi-disciplinary service that pools resources from throughout DNV, depending on the scope of work. This typically includes:

  • Site assessments to evaluate day-to-day operational and safety risks and the ability to deliver on manning, transport and other critical issues.
  • Overall evaluation and review of governance and operating procedures including KPI, procurement, regulatory permits, emission requirements and other environmental issues.
  • Asset integrity reviews including benchmarking performance, operations and maintenance and confirming compliance with industry standards.
  • Advising on the business and project implications of technical risks.
  • A complete review of capital programmes, project systems, planning and forecasts.
  • Assessing future decommissioning obligations, costs and risks.

For each phase of a project, from concept development through to project management, installation and operation, we evaluate data for completeness, relevance and integrity. Armed with this knowledge you can decide with confidence to proceed, negotiate new terms or specifications or perhaps cancel the transaction.

What you get:

  • Comprehensive industry knowledge and project expertise
  • Access to industry cost and schedule experience data
  • World-class project risk modelling
  • Large pool of specialists
  • Reliable risk analysis and cost estimation
  • Independent technical and commercial advice
  • Monitoring of the condition, progress or performance of assets and facilities
  • Assessment of project performance and environmental social management
  • Improved understanding of risks and risk mitigating actions
  • Reduced risk and avoidance of hidden pitfalls
  • Improved accuracy of valuations
  • A stronger negotiating position
  • Better use of your time and resources
  • Identification of alternative or complementary technologies.