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The DNV Certification Mark grants proof to your certified product.

You should make use of this and embed the DNV Certification Mark into your communication with your customers as this demonstrates your commitment to continuous improvement.

Why use the Certification Mark?
It shows that you care to mitigate risks. Your product successfully passed the assessment of our highly qualified experts and adds value to make the world safer, smarter and greener.

What is a DNV Certification Mark?
It is an individual mark including information on the type of certificate/statement, the applied certification scheme, and an individual ID- and revision number.

TC-DNVGL-SE-0441-01234-0 300x320pxl

How can it be used?
It can be used on products, marketing collateral, websites, buildings, vehicles, business cards and other material.

Do you want to learn more?
Please get in touch with us to learn how to use the DNV Certification Mark for your certified product.

What is allowed when using the Certification Mark?
Please click here to find a guideline of how to use the Certification Mark.

Who makes use of the mark already?
Some are already ahead and make use of the Certification Mark, please click here to view some references.

eologix CC-GL-IV-1-00526-0 certificate 567x150pxlLEEL LA-DNVGL-SE-0436-02308-0 certificate 179x150pxl

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