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District heating network services

Comprehensive support and feasibility services to uncover the risks, costs and benefits of investing in a district heating network and enable more sustainable energy systems

Today’s energy market is moving towards greater sustainability and lower dependence on fossil fuel sources. Your energy system or mix needs to keep up with this evolution. A district heating network can help you make your energy system or mix more sustainable, but is it the right choice for you? You need to know the specific risks and costs involved, and the real benefits you can expect.

A clear overview, for informed decisions
DNV’s district heating network services team works with you at our offices and yours, to ensure a close cooperation that meets your specific project needs and circumstances.

What services can we provide you?

  • A map of the real demand for heat in your area
  • Possible heat sources
  • Conceptual design
  • Definition of risks, costs and benefits
  • Technical support throughout your project: from feasibility studies, through to tendering and commissioning.

You gain the clear overview you need to make the best, informed decision for your organisation.

Expertise, tailored to your project
Our long experience in production, distribution and demand related projects for gas, heat and electricity gives us a broader, more complete perspective. So we can view your district heating network within the wider context of the complete local (energy) system, optimising your network taking into account the interactions with the local energy system.