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Distribution and outage management systems

Advancing distribution operations in a modernized grid

Advanced technologies and applications of the modern grid will enhance the timeliness and effectiveness of distribution operations. Distribution management systems (DMS) will be required to enable utilities to manage the emerging technologies and applications—advanced sensors, advanced outage management, distributed energy resources, distributed automation, and advanced grid components for distribution.

Managing distribution systems and process for greater data volume
As new technologies are implemented, especially for DMS and OMS systems, the need to handle the tremendous volume of data flowing into distribution operations centers will have to be managed. Insuring that data is transformed into information to the distribution operators will more critical than ever.

This technological change in turn will drive process changes both in the operations center and in the field. And as utilities face reduced staff and loss of knowledge as the workforce ages, distribution technology is an increasingly critical factor in achieving performance, reliability, and cost savings.

Solutions to capture distribution technology system benefits
DNV’s distribution operations management solutions are designed to support utilities’ current decision making and implementation process for distribution technology systems.

By aligning the utility’s goals and vision with available technology, we help clients procure and implement the functionality to best capture benefits from those technologies.

We also help clients redesign processes and presentation of data to the users to successfully streamline the duties performed by their operators to allow them to take full advantage of the new technologies, while operating the distribution system in a safe, cost effective manner.

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