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Market management systems

Optimizing strategic assets for today’s utility business environment

Along with Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, the Market Management Systems (MMS) are well recognized as important strategic assets in today’s utility business environment.

DNV has assisted utilities with the planning, procurement, and implementation of a number of MMS only or MMS/EMS/SCADA systems for power system operators such as Independent System Operators (ISOs), Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs) and Independent Transmission Coordinators (ITCs) throughout the world.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of control center real-time control and information systems. Our MMS/EMS/SCADA services are tailored to meet each client's specific needs in implementing the latest MMS/EMS/SCADA system technologies via system migration, phased system replacement or complete system replacement.

Specifications to support market products, rules and protocols
In addition to managing the implementations, DNV has developed MMS specifications tailored to support the specific energy, capacity, ancillary services, reserves and/or other market products, market rules or protocols. The specification can cover a wide range of operations time periods form real-time (or in-day markets, day-ahead markets or longer term markets such as transmission hedging markets, outage scheduling, etc.

DNV offers an integrated suite of MMS/EMS/SCADA procurement and implementation solutions. Our key consultants have an average of 20 years of experience including:

  • hands on work with different aspects of the MMS/EMS/SCADA business
  • continuous and up-to-date knowledge of MMS/EMS/SCADA vendors' and related third-party products
  • key experience with modern communication technologies and protocols
  • familiarity with proven project management tools
  • knowledge of interoperable systems technology
  • impartial decision-making independent of any product or vendor affiliation.

Planning, analysis and implementation services for successful MMS/EMS/SCADA projects
DNV is trusted worldwide to develop and implement a MMS/EMS/SCADA system that meets a utility’s specific needs and objectives. Our services are designed to help utility clients with all aspects of MMS/EMS/SCADA from planning and system functional analysis to implementation of system replacement as well as system "evergreening."

Our services include:

  • assessment studies of the capabilities and limitations of existing MMS/EMS/SCADA systems
  • development of MMS/EMS strategies for the merged companies and facilitation of best-practices solutions for those involved in a merger
  • requirements studies to evaluate migration, phased replacement and total replacement of existing MMS/EMS/SCADA systems
  • development of procurement processes that best fit your needs, time constraint and budgetary considerations
  • preparation of requests for information (RFI) documents and procurement specifications
  • assessment of vendor qualifications and vendor bid evaluations, including both the technical and commercial requirements
  • project management or project management support
  • implementation support and functional and performance factory testing of new MMS/EMS/SCADA systems
  • transition planning and field testing of new MMS/EMS/SCADA systems
  • staff augmentation.
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SCADA Systems

Optimizing strategic assets for today’s utility business environment